Râmnicu Sărat is present for the second planing meeting in Milano and Bassano, Italy.


As a partner in SPORT FOR WOMEN IN URBAN PLACES, Râmnicu Sărat participates between 19-21 june 2018 in Milano and Bassano, Italy, at the second meeting of the project, having at principal aim to design the partenerial Agenda of mass sports activities, which to be implemented between june – december in Râmnicu Sărat, Romania.

The project, financed by Erasmus Plus Sport Programme, follows the topyc of women involvement in mass-sports activities and aims to involve in preparing and implementing sport activities for women in local communities.

These days, our city is represented by Florin Ceparu – Public Manager and Iulian Sbirnea – Coordinator of the School Department of Râmnicu Sărat municipality.


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